Pricing Policy


Iris Healthcare provides you the care you want, on your terms, in the comfort of your home. Conceived and managed by doctors, iris at-home healthcare is a team of highly skilled doctors, nurses, attendants and healthcare professionals. We aim to provide our patients with customized at-home healthcare packages to suit your personalized medical requirements. The pricing of your personalized medical package would vary and depend on multiple factors like:-

  • Duration of the sessions
  • Criticality of the health status of the patient
  • Expertise and skill set required for nursing staff or doctors on call
  • Longevity of the services required
  • Level of customization required including use of equipment, consumables & pharmacy item

As a standard guidance for a broad pricing range, below mentioned are the pricing slabs for our seven lines of services: –

Serial No. Service Price Range (In INR)
1. care@home 300 - 2000 per visit
2. Palliative Care 800 - 2000 per day
3. Physiotherapy 500 - 2000 per session
4. Cradle Care 500 - 1000 per day
5. Meicheck 200 - 1000 for pathology tests
6. Homequip Both rental & purchase options available
7. mydoc@iris 1000 - 4000 for at-home visits