home is best !

We believe, home, is the best place to recover post- acute illness, surgery and management of chronic diseases.Many people prefer homecare before any other option, and for good reasons. Who wouldn’t want to stay home if they could? Home is a place of emotional and physical associations, memories and comfort. Although many people do need hospital care for their emergency treatment, for some people leaving their home can be disruptive and depressing.home is best ! is an integrated approach to deliver a spectrum of primary, critical and palliative care services in the comfort of your home. The approach is to make the homecare delivery philosophy patient centric, empowering and engaging patients and their families to become part of the care delivery program.

home is best ! works on one client-one team strategy delivering functional integration at the point of care for patients and their families. Through functionally integrated care teams comprising of physicians, critical care specialists, nursing staff, caregivers and paramedics, home is best ! offers personalized care plans for rehabilitation, recovery or long term management of serious and critical illnesses like cancer, COPD, congestive heart failure, CKD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, stroke and many chronic medical conditions.

Consider these and many more compelling reasons, if ever, your loved ones needed home is best !

  • Patient Centric treatment focusing on care through the eyes of the patient and family.
  • Functionally integrated teams focusing on the point of care through customized care plans.
  • Independence, freedom and comfort of your home with the best of homecare at your doorstep.
  • The positive psychosocial vibes of a home setting work as a effective emotional healer. They have their photographs, books, bed, bath, kitchen, telephone, television everything in its place.
  • The warmth associated with family and friends by your side, whenever needed, something severely restricted in hospital settings.
  • Your own home considerably lowers the risk of hospital induced infections via communicable illnesses.
  • Cost ! the high impact reason for care@home. A case in point being critical care (ICU) costs of managing patients at home are almost one-third the cost one incurs at good hospitals.

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