About Us

Home care Services in Gurgaon

After working for decades in hospitals and clinical set ups the Doctors at iris were dissatisfied with the large gap in patient care, post-hospital and clinical discharge. This inspired a paradigm shift to create a palliative home care model stitched with all medical ancillary services to deliver personalized at-home healthcare services.

Having made a humble beginning with a multi-specialty clinic in 2006, today the close knit team of iris cares for thousands of patients who need affordable, personalized, high quality medical care right at their doors. In this process, iris is pioneering a revolution of at-home healthcare services as a viable model for modern healthcare.

Team iris commitment to patient care has gained them a stellar reputation within the medical fraternity and patients alike…The team feels honored and privileged to care for people of Gurgaon city and its wonderful to be appreciated for the work that they are doing…